A three fold path for you to choose
Veer to the left that isn't right-you lose
The truth in the middle, that's beyond
Your reach, a conclusion forgone.

A tryst with destiny, to put it poetically
A wasted existence quite literally
Persevere and you might still learn
Alas! Too late the damage is done
Leave in your wake the scars of the martyrs
She'd not in vain the tears of the blind
Kneel at the altar of thrice over one
We seek the trident.

Thoughtless you follow what's taught
What for? It's naught
It's never too late to learn
Else in flames you'll burn

A threefold path that you never chose
The veil now lifted, a ghastly recluse

Born to follow the path of the righteous
Stray from the norm, the truth shall prevail
Enter the temple of thought over faith
We seek the trident.
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Trident Lyrics

Kryptos – Trident Lyrics