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Rip Van Winkle Lyrics

Krusade – Rip Van Winkle Lyrics

Rip van winkle gonna sleep forever
Gonna sleep his life away
Rip van winkle don't know the savior
Gonna sleep through judgment day

Open up your eyes, wake up and smell the napalm
The sky is filled with smoke and you're covered up in ash
The dead are all around you and the saints have gone to Glory
But you fell asleep and now you're all alone

You wander through the rubble looking for a sign of life
You're hoping that just maybe you will run across your wife
Your children or your neighbors, but they're either dead or gone
Then you come across some pages that are scattered 'cross the lawn
You start to read one of them thinking maybe it's a clue
But it's just from a Bible that had once belonged to you
One time you'd been a Christian, or maybe so you thought
But later in your life you decided you were not
You were nice to your neighbor, you were good to your wife
But a God you could not see or hear was sure not worth your life
You thought He was a legend, Jesus Christ was just a fake
But now you look around and wonder why you weren't awake

Repeat chorus

So many people think that Jesus Christ is make-believe
They only trust the things that they can touch or hear or see
But just because you don't believe don't mean that it's not there
And when your life and soul's at stake, you'd better just beware
So if you're Rip Van Winkle, thinking that you've got it made
Just give your heart to Jesus and wake up!!! Before it's too late

Repeat chorus
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