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Serena's Interlude Lyrics

Kristopher Watson – Serena's Interlude Lyrics

For you, for you
Yeah, yeah your doing all that talking but you not in love
Yeah your doing what your doing, yeah it's not because
Playing games with your feelings but you leveled up
And you know you ain't got to tell me, yeah I'm fucking up
Things is ending but I know I ain't man enough
This is why I should have never ever fucking cuffed
But we love each other even though we switching up

But a nigga go love for you, for you
And a nigga spend it on you, on you

What it is
Don't be scared baby, tell me how it is
How the hell did it get like this
I ain't never had a feeling like this
And I ain't never found a women like this
There's a way you move and shaking your hips yeah
Make a nigga want to spend his chips, his chip
What you want, on my phone telling me your moving on
Maybe we can still chill and get along
I don't know, maybe this be my favorite song
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