In a dusty room
Back of a bar
Met me a sailor
Big strong arms
And a wooden leg
Oh he had me pegged

Picked me up
Lights went down
His honey rose
Was outta town
Only one quick stop
Till I get what you got

Ahh I got nothing to hide
Ahhh Gonna shut up and ride
Shut up and ride

Hooked me in
With golden teeth
A tattooed tear
Falling down his cheek
Didn’t catch his name
Gonna burn this flame

Two quick steps I was in his truck
You believe in fate I believe in luck
It was all it took
And the truck bed shook

I got a bag of tricks
Rattle up his bones
He thought his skin was think
This heart was built to roam
This heart was built to roam
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Shut Up And Ride Lyrics

Krista Polvere – Shut Up And Ride Lyrics

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