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Everybody Wanna Be Thugs Lyrics

Krayzie Bone – Everybody Wanna Be Thugs Lyrics

send* corrections to the typist [Chorus

repeat: 2x] Everybody
wanna be thugs They
really don't cause if they lived my life they'd understand Niggaz
for they self no, love And
it ain't nothin better than a gun in hand [Verse

1 Krayzie]: I'm
lookin at all my niggaz on the corner still trying to come up on something Like
some paper cash, money Two-double-o-zero
niggaz, is desperate to make it Battlin
Satan but, the plate that he made us looks so tasty Temptation
over took my devils persuasion Makin
me chase the paper while trying to break 'em I, blaze 'em Then
I raise up nigga, that's the way thugs do it See
it don't say nothin just to find out we kinda stupid In
the streets we play for keeps Niggaz
ain't comin back for revenge or whatever loc, We
havin none of that so, scandalous You
better keep your protection Cause
the grass and the blunts ain't the only thing we wet up [Chorus]


2 Krayzie]: See
I've, been runnin from the po-po ever since I was 11 Nigga
bellin ain't, tryin to get kept and slept in the cell man, A
lot like my daddy but, then again I'm like myself Keep
my nose in my business and worry about nobody else Got
a mind of my own aside from Bone So
nigga don't think that you can run up and test me when I'm alone Cause
I got the chrome Talk
mo' shit I'm still a street thug but, I make mo' hits (mo' hits) Platinum
packin magnum never leave the house without it And
if he bout it don't sing about it nigga bring up out that shit Thugline
frontline, Nigga
it ain't scared we, done time Leatherface
is on the rampage murder, mangler strangler, What
you came with it just ain't enough To
tame the thug we, aim to drain the blood from your skull Rappin
but we dangerous dangerous, [Chorus

repeat: 2x] [Verse

3 Krayzie]: Now
to my youngsters with they guns Out
on the corner perfomin tryna to be soldiers Just
remember that I told ya slow, down down, down, I
know you wanna be a thug and, do what we done But
if it ain't inside your blood then this ain't the game that you tryin to Play
like one of my niggaz tried to hang and, he died in a day Awww
shame, shame, shame, Bullet
hit him in the brain And
he was a thug nigga you, get the picture Picture?
niggaz in a single file line All
crying upset, because their niggaz died nobody, know why It's
so many dying cause too many trying to shine We
all trying to swang on the same godamned vine It's
about that time for the thugs to unite And
let this motherfucka burn tonight (tonight night), If
you a thug get up and join this thug nation (thug nation) We
got guns waitin (guns waitin) Soon
as the enemy run up blaze, 'em (blaze 'em) [Chorus

'til fade]
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