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He Talks That Shit Lyrics

Kovacs – He Talks That Shit Lyrics

Somewhat stay down
I just have to try it
He is obtrusive
I don't really mind it
Calls him my dear
With all his silver lining
Still i can't say what he wants from me
So now i just wait home in bed
And when i think of us i'm sad
I'm just in the mood i'm in
I'm just with the men i'm with
I come and beg you, I have to keep on trying
I wanna do you, darling there is no hiding
We need a new start, make out no more dying
Know that my heart wants to say

I do want him
'Cause he is capable of everything
I do want him
And how our love this right will end

Thing with my men is he keeps on lying
Feels like quicksand, stories I don't buy
Be my lifeguard
Save me when im drowning
Still I do say he is the one for me

Then he says his strange things like he does
And he prays like he prays and he talks like he talks
He is rude like he should
He's broke like I'm broke
And he spits when he shits and he smokes all my smokes
I'm no angel no im hard to handle
Rock the cradle
Glad you didn't go
Need you my dear keeping me out of trouble
And now i have to find a way


And now I tell him why don't you save me
And now I tell him go on and brace me
Oh you better stop us falling down (2x)

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