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Rainfall Lyrics

Kottonmouth Kings – Rainfall Lyrics

[Daddy X]
The sent of god is here and I can smell it
What the future holds there is no tellin
That's why I come out strong and twist me ends

Let the rainfall
Come and wash these tears away
Let the rainfall
Brings with it bright and sunny days
Let the rainfall
Come and clense my troubled soul
Let the rainfall
When you fell there's no place left to go
Let the rainfall

[Daddy X]
Let the rain come clensing down
Let it wash all the pain and our troubles away
Let the clouds roll in
Let the lighting strike
Let the wind blow ferice and rivers rise
It'll be alright just hold on tight
We can make it through even the darkest of nights
We when the fall of sunshine on mother earth
We'll do a sun dance and we'll burn some herb
We'll make a toast up to the gods
Light a peace pipe and wish on a star
This rain is a gift from the skies above
And all living things get strength from the sun
Now what's done is done and lets return to dust
So in god we trust let him do what he must
Cause we are what we are and that's all it is
So let the rainfall down and lets live how we live


[Johnny Ritcher]
Keep your head held high kid there's better days
Good times ahead listen up keep what I say
There that we talk about is a metphor for bad times
Cause when the rain passes there always sunshine
Suck it up don't give up when your pressed to much
Making it through rough times only makes you tough
It makes you strong it makes you a surviver
You can do anything when you have you family by your side
If you ain't got a family then turn to you friends
If you friends then on you depend
You'll make a better life for you and yours
Slamming doors in your face only helps you out some more
Don't let them get you down like shoots and ladders
Makes you feel like your worth nothing till someone matters
How you do and how you win if your happy or sad
So let the rain wash away and be glad


So I can wash it wall away
In the sunshine and brighten up you days
In this life time it's kinda hard to get away
From the pressures and pain but it'll be ok
And that's why I try to be my best
Test myself till every last breath
Now I hold tight to what's right
Stay strong and get along to
The special one's in my life
Here we go now it's time to shine
And the world is mine
I got my family by myside
And I'm doing fine
So I'm keep it me
Stand tall and let the rain fall

[Daddy X]
So let it be what's it's ganna be
Let the rain fall down on me


[Daddy X (x2)]
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