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Party Lyrics

Kottonmouth Kings – Party Lyrics

A party a party we going to a party
A party a party we going to a party
A party a party we going to a party
We going to a party
We going to a party
A party a party we going to a party
A party a party we going to a party
A party a party we going to a party
Where's the party
Everybody come on with me Now everybody go and tell your friends
Let them know come through 'round ten
'Cause that's when the party's gonna begin
That's when I'm showing up yo so that's when the party begins
'Cause when I walk in the door the whole place goes bananas
I got party planners from California to Atlanta
Always got a moving camera for those girls gone bad
A couple Alabama slammers now they're calling me dad
Now this nights a definite success
'Cause there's a bunch of girls with some big old breasts
Which means a long line of people willing to pay
At twenty bucks a head for me a nice payday
And it don't stop until I pass out
Sorry if I don't know ya homie but you're assed out
This after party's at my house right now it's maxed out
You smell what I'm sizzlin' you know what I'm talking about
Where's the party!!!

Boogie down skate high
Come dipping through the party around 12 'o' clock
Pants sagged hat cocked got some weed in my pocket
Walk up in the spot shit pop like rockets
Head straight to the bar so I get my drink on
Pound that shit quick and order another one
People taking pictures of D-Loc the dog
Bitches taking off their tops dj playing my songs
Got my girl in my arms and we getting' towed back
Kiss me on the neck rubbing on my nut sack
Got the back thong on 'cause she know I like that
Got my hand down her pants feeling down her ass crack
It's time to smoke a blunt 'cause we getting' fucked up
Walking through the dance floor throwing shit up
All the homies is drunk and the records still spinning
When the dj is done I'm a go home and fuck


Hey ladies you looking kind of s***
I be smoking up that chronic not the mexi
You know that 'cause I'm King Daddy X see
Put you on the payroll and the party's never ending
It's like throwing gasoline on a fire
I own the club you don't need a fucking flyer
I thought you knew I had friends in high places
We should get together and exchange some fuck faces
Now that's exactly how I hooked up with my wifey
Now she's the only one left to entice me
Late night we got the party favors
Open up the stash box we got the 31 flavors
Turn the music up forget about the neighbors
We getting' fresh like a pack of Life Savers
Ever sat legs wide on a kings throne
It's over there girl make yourself right at home

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Songwriters: KIRK MILLER
Party lyrics © Songtrust Ave

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