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Everybody Move Lyrics

Kottonmouth Kings – Everybody Move Lyrics

Everybody move now take some action, make some action yea, take some action
Life is short, that's why we maxin', revolutions got to happen

Everybody move right now right now [X4]

Everybody move right now right now
Till this mother fucking place starts falling down
And everybody grove owe yea owe yea
If your down with the kings throw your hands in the air
And keep em up in the sky if you like to get high
Keep em up in the sky if you feeling the vibe
And represent for your city let me know were you from
I'm yelling out P-town at the top of my lungs
Till my last breath ima keep doing my thing
Put it down for the krown and steadily smoking on the green
Like a boxer in the ring mind ya bossiness man
Wanna step on stage with the mic in my hand
So get your ass up come on come on get your ass up
Get your ass up if you don't give a fuck
And everybody move right now
Cause right now is the time to get washed
Let me show you how

Everybody move right now right now [X8]

This is a warning shot that's the laser dot
Daddy x son I get high allot
A little free for thought you wanna run the block
And never get caught slipping like a broke dot
In a slipknot that means neck slit
Let it rat an you can't instruct a snitch
Keep your eyes pealed and your game tight
Cause it the drug war there's always time to fight
Keep your head high don't be a fraud
One of a kind dog that's who you are
You gotta earn strips I got bruise and scars
I revolutionize revolution wars
Free thought time free think tank
Free speak keeps costing people big bank
How many jail cells are filled with peaceful men
It's time to move stand up and take action

Everybody move right now right now [X8]

If your gonna move now take some action make some action yea take some action
Life is short that's, why we maxin' revolutions gotta happen

Now it's time to rock the party double dash move the crowd
I get that shit hyped with my so-cal style
Real smooth cat lay back let the beat thump
Let the beat bump light ya blunts up
We get tore back we getting fucked up
Got the people in the back with there hands up
Kmk mob we got this shit locked down
>From the east to the west like blaw
The underground sound that your hearing right now
The king klick dog blowing killer chronic clouds
Put your swag down got no time for no clowns
Kottonmouth king aka the dog pound
The west coast bomb shit with the bombs lit
Sack full of indo pocket full of chronic
Beer in my right hand mic in the other
No body do it better d-loc motherfuckers

Everybody move right now right now [X8]

Everybody move (Get your ass up) [till song fades out]
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