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Demons Lyrics

Kottonmouth Kings – Demons Lyrics

I'm wasted, I'm high
I'm tryin to just get by
I'm tryin to live my life
The Demons, they won't leave me alone

I'm wasted, I'm high
I'm tryin to just get by
I'm tryin to live my life
The Demons, they won't leave me alone


You can find demons on me every side,
At this point I ain't goin there to hide.
They wanna jump ship, let em take a ride
It's a known truth not to lose your pride.
And if they then be gettin out of hand,
Smack em in the head and make em take a stand
You gotta let em kow you run your shit man
These motherfuckin demons will take you for everything they can.
It's the alcohol that got me most,
She got me numbed up everyday we toast.
To all the other demons that be on the way,
Can we flip a green one, purple cap, ready to play.
Now all the suspects here,
Runnin strong in the blood, all clear.
And if they gonna leave I'm gonna find a twin,
So that I can balance my levels and feel normal again.


These demons won't leave me alone
I hear evil voices in the telephone.
Late at night when I'm hittin my bong
Writtin a song it just all goes wrong.
I hear voices, coming through the walls
Illusions of demons running down my halls.
So I, get my glock, release the safety
Pop in my clip and they start to chase me.
I shoot one and they don't shoot back
Pop two more rounds out my windows that smashed.
Broken glass and police cars
So I stash my weed and my funny pill jars.
Start explaining, but I'm talkin in circles
They tell me slow down, we're not gonna hurt you.
I know myself, I don't trust no police
Cause badges, like demons, I be seein in my sleep.


I got a pretty long list of demons
That be in and out my life like santa clause on Christman evenin.
When I was teethin the boogy man was a factor
In high school it changed to bong hits and droppin acid.
Keystone ice and mickey's grenades
Scorin bags of mid-grade for 10 dollars an eighth
[? ] 15 started smokin grit,
16 years later now I'm tryin to quit.
Where in my mid 20s I never took a break
I treated every waking moment like it was a holiday.
Yeah, I straight raged with the party brigade,
Never did meth or H but I dabbled with the yey.
Hey yo, just know you're never alone
Cause everybodys got monsters livin in their dome, peace.
Please release and get rid of your bad thoughts
It just might take more than 12 steps, but you gotta walk.

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