You eat nature,
I eat plastic,
You waste paper,
I am friendly,
You are drastic,
I talk bullshit,
But I mean it,
Hey I mean it,
I can see myself,
You walk it,
And we ride the dead to work,
And we want it,
We love it we love it,
We deserve it,
And it looks good enough to eat,
So we just eat it,
And we burn all of our statements,
And all of our receipts,
Shut up shut up,
Your heaven cost a bomb,
Give up I give up,
I don't know anymore,
What of it on one,
But on the other I know,
That it's wrong,
I've got a feeling that I'm,
Falling asleep at the wheel,
You're a hero,
I'm a villain,
You are trying,
Bless you,
I am talking,
I am lying,
I make reasons,
I am making reasons now,
You are watching,
We are growing them together,
Lift the carpets,
Come on pull the curtains down,
Yeah let's start it,
Yeah let's end it,
Yeah let's tear it to the ground,
It's so hard not to get lost,
Should I just stay here,
Should I curl up,
Maybe curl up,
Surrender to the frost,
Shut up shut up,
Your heaven isn't wrong,
Get up get up,
Take everything on,
You're good and you're right,
And your decisions are strong,
But I can't keep track,
I've got a feeling that I'm falling asleep at the wheel.
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Reasons Lyrics

Kotki Dwa – Reasons Lyrics