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The Original Lyrics

Kool Keith – The Original Lyrics

[22 seconds of overlapping samples]

I'm hot as Hades, I drive a Mercedes
Chromed out, leavin niggaz in awe when it bone out
Big dawg with his bone out
I'ma put hands on a nigga 'fore I let him run his mouth
Rollin up some bud, rollin up to the club
Sunroof wide open, bumpin "California Love"
I'm Philly to the heart but I'm a California thug
I don't smoke nothin but Phillies and California drugs
Who all on the track? I ain't sayin no names
Everybody on the ground, I ain't playin no games
I'm a rider, and every show is like a robbery
Put your hands, now everybody follow me
They call me Young Roscoe, I rob for gestapo
That's who I bleed and die fo', you need to stop ho
The Suave A young assassins, we bonafide
Recognize by the way we mash that we roll and ride

[Chorus - female singer]
Don't be playin with my money - don't be playin, playin with my money
I am serious 'bout my money - so serious, serious 'bout my money
And don't be fuckin with my money - don't be fuckin, fuckin with my money
Cause you could die over my money - you could die, over my money

[uncredited rapper]
I love this place, in California we chase
Papes push bass, fuck the return of Ma$e
Lay down, fuck dap, it's a jack
Niggaz attack for cash we clap, fuck a scrap nigga
We play thick figures nigga
Pull a strap you shiver, take yo' life motherfucker
The streets we roam, invade your home
What you own, we take, we keep, it's not a loan
Stoned and determined to keep servin
Your papes I'm rollin, you're new in town now you're learnin
The game I'm takin, I'm [?] and pickin up all the checks
The perks, the jetset lifestyle, the s**
I crunch the calvary with the wild bunch
Munch on ya brunch while y'all niggaz lunch
Fuckin cowards, talk to 'em on records
"Gone in 60 Seconds" this song ya weapon
Give up ya snaps, lay flat, chicks attract
For the jack, my paper stacks
You're doin it wrong, I'm doin it right, uhh
The street's my life, my money, my wife


[female singer]
Don't be playin, with my money, no
So serious 'bout my money, heyyyy
Don't be fuckin with my money, oh oh ohhhh
You can die, over my money, aheyyyy heyyy
Don't, uh-huh, uh-huh, heyyy
Don't play, with my money, noooo

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