[Kool Keith:]
Coming Thursday, at the New Orleans Superdome
With special attraction, Kool Keith
Straight from the Bronx, New York City
Tickets, go on sale now

Take off your panties
Let me see your G-string, let me see, what you got
Take off your panties, let me see your G-string
Let me see, let me see

[Kool Keith:]
Girl it's been a long time, since I saw you
Don't you know I adore you
Lick your earlobes like candy
I love the turquoise and the silver silk panties
Take you on a trip, not the Bahamas, a room in the Marriott
A elegant martini with Calvin Klein pajamas
The camera ready to film and take pictures
Act like a exotic dancer tonight, I'ma get wit'cha
Take you out of the boring mode to high scoring mode
Explore your private sensation, put you on a new road
Get you in the new life, leave the old ideas down
Go 'head work the pole (work the pole girl)

Take off those panties
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Take Off Your Panties Lyrics

Kool Keith – Take Off Your Panties Lyrics