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Octo Freestyle Lyrics

Kool Keith – Octo Freestyle Lyrics

[Kool Keith]
Kool Keith in the house..
Y'all on that Enquirer, Crispin Judd, Ben Affleck bling
I don't care about all that new band on the Spin cover
Can't sing, ukelele figures
Watch it mtv, let's get funky
Who added these ukelele niggaz?
Overpromote me, spend a lot of money on me like Smilez & Southstar
Before I wet up your steering wheel
Move on your Louis Vuitton decoration in your car
Don't offer me a drink, I don't wanna go to the bar

[repeat 2X]
I get in you, I continue, I boost up the menu

[Kool Keith]
Pull over please, now look at your wannabe bleedin knees
Sunflower seeds all over your Bentley floor
Train monkeys to put the Huggies on
Defecate on your El Dorado roof, that's hardcore
Put salve on your face for the cold sore
Same world with a cold war, wearin a facemask
What's that disease comin over from Japan and Singapore?
Find feces on the floor, your dresser
Turn your girl to open the drawer
Rewind and do it again, the enemy, I found it
Go back and look in your car, serial shitter
Not a killer, Fedex animal waste
To the record labels I'm more iller
Adrenaline rush
8 gallons of urine packed in Dolce Gabbana bags
Under the Greyhound bus
Real alligators, movin in garment bags
You don't wanna ride with us
You wastin time talkin jive with us
You better get on this baby, and get live with us
Move it, I'm tellin you
Buick Skylark, beige convertible with a big dent on the side
Movin through the streets, with crack smokers in a used ride
The oj's bumpin on the passenger side
Tom Greeno, movin distribution deals out to Trenton, New Jersey
His man out West, Tommy S
Pressin up from El Camino
Usin the same masterin lab on the D. O.
Money D known as Tony Blaze, what he, went to see his P. O.
Upper class, witty
Kool Keith stood on the Twin Towers before
Peed a hundred stories off, my urine covered the rush hour
Everybody had umbrellas walkin around New York City
Lookin gritty, the wet in the game
I put the pet in the game
I put the basketballs, you bought the net in the game
Threw Pampers out the window curiously
I poured acid in your face, furiously

Now you got the toxic waste on your back window
Who can see? Pull over at the service station
You in a nervous station with no discrimination
Blacks skip the free lunch, Asian rappers sign in
I don't care if you're caucausian, African with rhymes paid
Chinese with rhymes laid...
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