Whatever you do
You'll always be a shit
Cause you sold friends
That trusted you
Look in the mirror
In your fucking face
Couldn't hate yourself
You are just
Traitor and coward, informer
You make only filth
I've got no words,
But just deed

I'm gonna strike
Your brain will explode; it's time to
Kick to the ground
Now, to fell we
I'm gonna strike
Don't looking around its time to
Kick to the ground

You've changed your mind
You've changed your soul
Now you have become
Sexual deviant
Where is your honor?
Where is your pride?
I'm feeling aversion to you
I hate you, I fuck you, and I vomit on you
You weren't a friend
Just dirty scum
Just dirty scum
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Kick To The Ground Lyrics

Konkwista 88 – Kick To The Ground Lyrics