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Fed Up Lyrics

Kodak Black – Fed Up Lyrics

I'm so fed up with my niggas switchin' sides
I'm so fed up with these bitches and the lies
I'm so fed up you see the anger in my eyes
I'm so fed up with being sick and tired
I'm so fed up somebody might die
I'm so fed up with these niggas in disguise
I keep my head up 'cause I'm too strong to cry
I'm so fed up that I wish that I could fly

I just asked my homie could he help me bounce back
Shit so fucked up he ain't even hit me back
Everything good right now but I was on my back
I'm good though I just had to see if ya had my back
Fam just caught a charge and he took the time and rolled
T-Bird went down, he bitched out and told
Alphi caught an L and that pressure made him fold
How come street niggas ain't livin' by the code?
I'm so iced out fucked around and caught a cold
I done ran my bands up I just came from up the road
I'm so fed up of these petty ass hoes
I'm so fed up I'm blowin' kush out my nose
All these bitches want a lil piece of my thang
All these niggas want a lil piece of my fame
I'm so fed up I put Codeine in my drank
All this stress I feel stranded in the rain
Got me in the booth I'm rappin' my pain
I'm so fed up it make me wanna sang
I'm so fed up I'm going insane
I'm so fed up I went and copped the chain
Then I copped the bezels, I love the blang blang
And about whatever, I love to bang bang
They so pathetic man you niggas is lame
Y'all ain't ready man you niggas can't hang

I'm so fed up with these niggas playin' real
I'm so fed up I just popped me a pill
I don't understand what's goin' on here
My co-defendant went down, fucked around and squealed
I'm so fed up I'm loadin' up my clip
All my life I've been runnin' in the field
I'm so fed up I put diamonds on my ear
I'm so fed up I pulled up in a spill
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Songwriters: Dieuson Octave
Fed Up lyrics © Warner Chappell Music, Inc.

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