Fight hard everyday, to take my mind back from the hate.
Inside I hold the pain that's poured on me. Staying
Focused is a struggle to hold on to my sanity. If I lose
Ain't nothing on this earth that can save me now.

You won't burn me. You call this being free? I ain't your
Slave I am your enemy. It's slavery to me.

Tell me I've got too much to lose 'coz I missed too many
Chances but would things be any other way? When I back my
Own choices, still the price grows higher everyday. I
Can't fail. It's what they want to see so I won't fall.

Deal with life the only way I know how, mic clenched,
Zoot lit, head held high. Born to rot, forced to fight
'Coz fools confront with bullshit and lies. Don't want,
Don't need but haters only want to see us bleed. Got
Nothing to lose, I won't fail. There's nothing to choose.
I won't fall.
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Won't Burn Me Lyrics

Knuckledust – Won't Burn Me Lyrics