Disco 2000
I Gotta CD
I gotta CD
I gotta FST
I gotta VDU
And you can have one too
I gotta CB
I gotta color TV
I gotta DC10 and a GTD
I need an RV of TNT
To out som BBM in my ECG
We use ESG on the PCBS
And the ? on the ?
And more .... ????
From the UK to the USA
I sent my RD and my DNA
From the DRV at the UN
I say "Drop the Bomb" ICBM
Don't get no TLC
Got me that LSD
We talk JMD cause of LCD
We love PIs cause the PIGS
That even OK when I'm DOA
? ? go-go
And more .....??
We saw the SSL put out an APB
For Rockman Rock and Kingboy D
? am the KLF both from SLM
Kiss my M16 baby
Have a nice day, asshole
And more ....??
And the ? ? in the USO
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I Gotta Cd Lyrics

Klf – I Gotta Cd Lyrics