Follow me away from your deaf hopes
Come with me, shade your mind within smoke
Here's what you were looking for
Here's the only thing that you will ever know.

She drove me away among her fog
Then kissed me, blurred my face within smoke
Thunders shaked our voices
As I fell
She lit up my day by sprinkling me with grey.

Follow me
Leave yourself behind.

Can't help yelling out while my bones shake
While my pith bleeds away, while heart breaks
She now owns my body
And what I am
She sings by my breath, but knows I'm not dead yet.

We're fog, we're nowhere
We're not, we're not what we thought.

She owns a smoky diaphanous whisper that ill-conceals our sad muteness
Then disappears, and I just can't speak anymore
And it's silent, it's never, it's like
We're fog.
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Lorelei Lyrics

Kleingott – Lorelei Lyrics