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Oh My God Lyrics

Klarkent – Oh My God Lyrics

Sometimes I don't believe it
Sometimes I don't believe it
Oh, oh my, oh my God
Oh, oh my

Oh my God (yeah)
Start with what You did for a sinner like me (like me) (yeah)
Oh my God (yeah)
I just can't believe His love for me (yeah)
Oh my God (yeah)
Why do You do it yeah
Oh yeah
Oh my God, oh my God
Oh my God, oh, oh my God

(Gon' talk to 'em)

When I think of the goodness I can't help myself (oh no no no)
I lose all control then I gotta tell someone else
Mmmm, and I'd be here all day if I really got into it
Aye, so Imma just tell you like this yeah

He's my (whoo)
Light in the dark, He's right in dat spot
He's my (yeah)
A million feet tall, man look at God
He's my

Don't get me wrong I been there
These problems get real (oh yeah)
But every time it gets hard
I be like


I know You love me (yes You do)
I know You care for me (yes You do)
Show me everyday (yes You do)
Man I'm telling you why I'm so grateful
Got to give You Your credit (wooh)
Ain't nobody else did it
Oooh nobody (yeah)

Who would've ever thought
That I'd end up with a love like 'dis (love like 'dis) (yeah)
Who would've ever thought
That the Savior would be on me like this
So I stay close to dat Ghost
Once I get it, need some mo'
And er'y now and then got da feeling like whoa
Look at this life like
Oh my, oh my God


(Gon' talk to 'em)

Oooh I remember (I remember)
Only time I prayed was Lord let me
Get away wit' it (let me get away wit' it)
Oooh I remember (I remember)
How many times are you gonna have grace
On this sinner (yeah)
Wait now (wait now)
Wait now (wait now)
Can I tell y'all why I came now (yah)
Can I tell y'all how I changed now (yah)
Can I tell y'all I ain't the same now
I got homies on blocks with dat yeola (wit dat yeola)
A whippin' that codeine wit' soda (it's dirty)
It don't matter how far I'm goin' (no)
Just know that I'll always pray for ya (for you)

Cuz somebody did that for me
Somebody did that for me
I'm not supposed to be here but I am
Cuz the Lord He had mercy on me
You gotta believe it
That's why I live life to the fullest
Oh yes I live life to the fullest
And I will never take credit for His blessing
To a saint from a sinner
So it's oh my God

(Oh my God)

Let me take you back to the beginning of it all
When He spoke (yeah)
All it took was a word
And even back then He knew my name
Ask me how, can't explain
But if you knew what I knew then
You'd say

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