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Long Live Politzania Lyrics

Klaatu – Long Live Politzania Lyrics

Through a fortunate turn of events this original
transcription has been acquired of a dissertation
given by the late Professor Charles Pamplemousse
are. C. B. At the Eighteenth Assembly of the "Heirs of
the Politzanian Empire. " Professor Pamplemousse
was a distinguished anthropologist of his time
whom many believed to be the world's leading
authority on the subject of extict civilizations.
The program concludes with the singing of "The
Politzanian National Anthem. ")
As facts are few and far between
Hypothesis defies all logic
As to what precisely led to her demise
For what appears sheer grandiosity
No legacy remains
Except her crumbling ruins
On which these words were found engraved
Politzania! Politzania!
Long live Politzania!
Politzania! Politzania!
God save Politzania!
Now, these ancient Politzanians
As far as archeologists have traced
Had most thouroughly convinced themselves
They were a superior race
Quite a ridiculous notion, granted
However if we assume her sister rivals
Rose to quell such monstrous claims
I most humbly subit her unpleasant end
Is satisfactorily explained
Politzania! Politzania!
Long live Politzania!
Politzania! Politzania!
God save Politzania!
Those citizens who questioned
Those suspect harbourers of doubt
We brought before a panel
Of the Ministry of Health
They were tested and encephalogrammed
Till rendered quite insane
When in accordance with the laws
They reprocessed their brain
-("The Politzanian National Anthem")-
Politzania, brave, strong and true
Politzania we all love you
We'll smite our foes for we are right
And God is on our side
Politzania, red, white and green
Politzania reigning supreme
Victors in war, champions of peace
Unto Eternity
We're the Masters of the World
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