Hail to the King,
Hail to the Queen
Hail to the House, maidens and squires.
One for the Sun,
One for the Moon,
One for every star in the sky!

Drink for the living,
Drink for the dead
Drink fro the Keepers of Otherworld.
Hail to the Elven
Hail to the dwarfs:
Hail to the goblins - hell to the arches!

Drink for the fire,
Drink for the cold:
Drink for the Winter's Frost Father old.
Drink for Spring,
(Let's) drink for Her, for sweet
Thighs of Eostre and Sun's return.

Hail to my left foot,
Hail to your right.
Hail to the Mighty One in the Middle.
Drink for the ladies -
Ah! indeed...
Also (one) to some very special sheep.

Toinen mulle kaatakaa, malja meille nostakaa,
Tдnд yцnд pimeys meitд vдistдд!
Hullun lailla tanssikaa, lailla hullun naurakaa,
Huomispдivд jos ees nousee, ken voi titдд!

Lailla juopuneiden jumalten, viinin hengen, humalten,
Vaaraa, pimeyttд hurmio uhmaa.
Kuolema voi odottaa, unhdus - ket' kiinnostaa?
On lyhyt elontie, siis pitдkддmme hauskaa!

One for the Fallen, one for the Pure
One for the Wicked and one for the True.
Drink to the virgins!
Drink to the whores,
(Drink) to all blessed mothers and all their chores.

One for you, Sire!
One for me own,
One for you all and one for...
Drink for the ceiling,
Drink for the floor,
(For) all between and much much more!
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Tuoppein'nostelulaulu Lyrics

Kivimetsan Druidi – Tuoppein'nostelulaulu Lyrics