He came along across the snows
Spitting curses from his mouth
Striding through the icy land
Grasping steel within his hand

Humiliation he suffered
Such that a man cannot forgive
But must deliver revenge
Like a true warrior he will

A bitter man - a void embrace
Weariness toward the human race
Soul torn to pieces
By chains of despair

Finally he arrived
And from the gates he announced
Time to wake for I have come
The reckoning is here!

But first let's drink your finest ale
Let our spirits free
Let it rise into our heads
Before I'll make you bleed

Yksinффn hфn vaeltaa mis' varjot lankeaa
Halki usvan ja roudan vain terфs seuranaan
Sydфmensф kylmф on kuin maa routainen
Mutta silmissффn viha polttava kuin kiuas tulinen
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Across The Snows Lyrics

Kiuas – Across The Snows Lyrics