Hey Joe, someone stole your pearly girlie, walked off with your jolly dolly
Maybe now you chanced to dance with me
Hey Joe, I feel mighty lovey dovey, let me be your new for toody
I'll be just as sweet as sweet can be.

Now Joe, I know just how you feel, can't your fickle sweety left before a heel
But if I could be your sweety pie I'll promise you no other guy
Would steal me from you
Hey Joe, go put on your dancin' shoes and I'll help you forget your blues
I've simply got to have you for my own.

--- Instrumental ---

Hey Joe, please don't think I'm nuddy noddy, don't think I'm a flirty girly
'Cause I let you know I go for you
Hey Joe, my poor heart is yearning burning just to hold you tightly nightly
Do I need you, yes, I guess I do.

I love you Joe, that's how I feel if I have a chance to prove my love is real
I'll be true to you forever and I swear no one could ever hope
To steal me from you
Hey Joe, if you want me tell me so, my heart is packed and set to go
I want you Joe, I need you for my own...
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Hey Joe Lyrics

Kitty Wells – Hey Joe Lyrics

Songwriters: Billy Roberts

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