("Sungguh jahat orang itu")

It's all done, turn ur fucking head down
It's too late, I'm not joking
That's it, try to read between the lines
For always, you are nothing
(It's hell I'm bringing bitch)

You're acting looking like a silly clown
Crowded ketchup bottle in your mouth
Ur face perfect like my fucked up dreams
Are you just afraid?

So bite your tongue
Try bring me down
Your face is still under my dirty feet!

Do you know what justice said? So meaningless
Stuck with their ignorance, you loser
You're nothing bitch
You're just a freak


Fuck you bitch

You'll die tonight
I'll bring you death

(Hey sugar, give me a fucking moment to say this to you!)

Run, runaway
Pray, pray for mercy

Fall, fall on your feet now

Rawwwwrr! (8x)

Only god can save your soul tonight
Farewell my dear I'm leaving you tonight
Only god can save your soul tonight
You'll have my word

Let's clap


Suck my dick
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