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For Da 99 Lyrics

Kirko Bangz – For Da 99 Lyrics

Representing that east side
Real nigga don't read lie
Real nigga don't reply to no fuck nigga that's me time
Hoes don't get free time all a bitch get is skeet time
Every bitch want me time but a bitch don't get the dick three times
Texas plates against your face driving slow but I win the race
Coming down that boulevard talking crazy I'll pull your card
Still talking I'll pull your broad still talking I'll steal your car
Take your whips and take your grill, young Kirko keep it trill
I ain't sipped in a long time but that's about to change cause tonight I feel
Too Texas throwed take your ho coming get chose
Love my bros get my dough, never split it up with these hoes
East side ride or die, H-Town hold it down
My grandma up in the sky and that's the only one that should be talking down
All that's the real pay my bills
Pay my mamas [?] where she live
In the hills with a Bent or Lamborghini that's how she feels
Man I'm so live got Nicki Minaj in my room and she hitting [?]
Trying to my tongue between them thighs
And them vogues on them tires
Riding ten money spent money made ya that's legit
Rest In Peace to my nigga Tre man he talk to God tell him let me in
I don't mean no harm chain on charm got blue foam driving foreign
I be Ralph Lauren while she doing porn
So a nigga geek on a new [?]
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