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Doing Fine Lyrics

Kirko Bangz – Doing Fine Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Look at me now, then look at me later
They tell me that they love me, but I know that they faking
They see I'm getting on, so they conversating
But I don't really care for your conversation, see
I pay attention to my mama's statements
She tell me that she tired, can't wait till I make it
She say she want a house that'll cost a lot
And she tell me that I'm the only real chance she got
So I'm thinking bout that when I'm passing out
Mixtapes for free , I ain't cashing out
And if somebody throw my shit down, I pick it back up
I ain't got shit to be embarrassed about
A nigga's name catching buzz, people saying I'm hot
But the way a nigga living you would think I'm a flop
For the past three summers I ain't really live with my mother
Shit, I been going house to house
How you think the shit feel when you ain't got a job
And you hoping that your cousin won't kick you out?
You take anything you can get
It's like the world wanna eat you, swallow you, and shit you out
And all you really want is somebody to talk to
Somebody that's real, somebody to heart you
Somebody to feel you, to help you get through
The shit that you go through and get to know the real you
Feeling like mildew, sitting in the same positions
Waiting and hoping they'll listen eventually
They asking who the realist, niggas knowing I'll kill it
Yeah you feel it, but you motherfuckers scared to mention me
They say he too young, but they loving his energy
Rarely in the lab, but you loving his chemistry
Niggas getting offended and they tryna get rid of me
While I'm tryna get in, and make it infinity
Literally, never take for granted your ability
It ain't about talent, it's all about your energy
Everything you go through, take those emotions
Put 'em in a pot, on a plate, that's devotion
We all wanna blow, everybody want a mill
Nigga this is not dro, you can't blow and chill
Shit, you can't chill and blow
Nigga this is real life, and the more that you grow
The more that they gone hate you, I'm letting you know
And I ain't saying I'm the best, but I'm better than most
I'm not a rapper that's a nigga, I'm a nigga that raps
So when you compare me to them, consider the facts (like that )
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