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Riptide Lyrics

Kira Kenley – Riptide Lyrics

Verse 1
Life in the fast lane drags you with it.
There isn’t much of anything left for you.
And I don’t know if anybody told you
There’s never a best thing that you can do.
Pass me that sympathy, I’m really gonna need it.
Coz where I’m going doesn’t think much of fools.
I know I said I needed you but the truth is
I don’t know if that was necessarily true.

Help me I’m drowning and there’s nobody coming.
I still see that face in the tidal wave.
Expression doesn’t seem to mean the same damn thing.
Oh oh oh oh!
I’m wrestling the elements, pulling for the next thing.
Letting the water get in my eyes.
The silence isn’t deafening and I can see everything.
I’m like a seahorse, comin’ through the riptide.

Verse 2
I never liked travelling slow
There were too many places to go if I let myself see choice.
I preferred to travel at speed.
Forgetting the way, just enjoying the ride.
Life’s front doors stayed closed
So I had to make my way through all of her back alleyways.
Nobody is listening coz everybody’s gone.
Letting themselves get carried along.

Repeat chorus

I’m comin’ through the riptide. I’m comin’ through the riptide. Can you see me?
I’m comin’ through the riptide. I’m comin’ through the riptide.
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