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One More Town Lyrics

Kingston Trio – One More Town Lyrics

John Stewart

If there's one more town, I'll be goin'. A fight for the winnin' I'll be there.
If there's one more song, I'll be singin'. I'm always goin' but I don't know where.

(Backing singers) Keep a movin' a movin' on

I spent seventeen years in West Virginia. Eight more years just A-runnin' free.
But the girls back home in their blue gingham dresses only heard one thing from me.


Went down to New Orleans last summer on a flat boat workin' my way.
There were well-mannered ladies and streets that were shady, but for me, I never could stay.



Sailed up to New York on a schooner, but I won't be stayin' there long.
There were bright city lights, girls in pink tights but their faces were all painted on.


No I don't know where
No I don't know where
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