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Dreams Lyrics

Kingspade – Dreams Lyrics

One day when I'm older
Yeah when I grow up

Just a young buck growing up living fast
18 years old know it all on the gas
Big dreams of being a superstar
Having nice things and
A pocket full of cash
Basketball, baseball, rapper, an actor whatever
Whatevers gunna make my life better if it last
Big house, nice cars, nice brawl
You know every kids dream as so it seems
I mean come on now people all around doing big things
Best friends getting rich
Neighbors turn athletes, clothing companies, million dollar factories
Actually everybody say it with me
If you really want to be you could be what you wanna be
That's the life if it just gets tight
Work hard and you could be a role model
Let's do it

One day when I'm older
(Im'ma buy a thousand houses and drive a thousand cars)
Yeah when I grow up
(Im'ma play point guard for the NBA)
One day when I'm older
(Im'ma fly a airplane and go around the world)
Yeah when I grow up
Yeah you'll see every kid has a dream

When I was just a young buck in the single digits
I had too many thoughts on life and how to live it
So many dreams and different things I wanted to be
But that's what you'll be young and freedom of dream
I remember I wanted to be a fireman
So I can help people out around the sirens
Next day played football between streets knots
Next day wake up imam be your next doc
Cram through the air and hold up the dirt
Keeping up playing if it didn't even hurt
Riding home with my knee and elbow making blood
Know I wanna see moms imam get a lot of love
Never ever know what's up in national news
Only thing you worry about is the school lunch menus
Eating all the places and being captain of the team
First ten years of life is a beautiful thing


You see me making moves, and 1, and 2
3, 4's never no time to sleep
Ricky and mommy living the dream caught now
That's what its gonna be

I never know nothin' else and
I never finished school but
I'm smarter then the average bigs and that's boo boo
Dreams do come true
A living proof 'cause I'm making money
Doing what I love to do
Dreams come true
Yeah dreams come true
Yeah you'll see every kid has a dream
I said dreams come true
Dreams come true
Yeah you'll see every kid has a dream

[Chorus: x2]
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Songwriters: JOHN TROPEA
Dreams lyrics © BMG Rights Management, Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Universal Music Publishing Group

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