Sometime, I want to give
Sometime, I wanna take, I want to take
Sometime, I want to run
Sometime, I wanna stay, I want to stay
Sometime, sometime
Sometime, sometime
Sometime, I want to love
Sometime, I wanna hate, I want to hate
And sometime, I want to build
Sometime, I wanna break, I want to break
Sometime, sometime
Sometime, sometime
Yeah, yeah
Say it again
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Sometime, I want to live
And sometime, I wanna die, I want to die
And sometime, I want to believe
Sometime, I want to get high, I want to fly
Sometime, sometime, yeah oh
Sometime, sometime, oh
Sometime, sing it, come on
Sometime, sometime, sometime
Maybe sometime, maybe all the time
Sometime, oh, and it's what I say
Till I find a [Incomprehensible]
Up and down, well I don't know, up and down
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Sometimes Lyrics

King's X – Sometimes Lyrics