I feel so powerless
I suffocate on emptiness
I'm praying to be awoken from this nightmare

So many things I'll never say,
So many wounds will never heal
Each breath is fills with overwhelming sorrow

In disbelief of how your life was stolen
In disbelief of what will never be
My only solace is knowing,
That somehow your soul is finally free

So I'm screaming into the sky
'Cause it's my only way to say goodbye
And I'm still asking for an answer why,
Why I never got the chance to say goodbye

This is my only way to say to you
That I'm sorry for letting you slip away
I never thought I would lose you forever
So now I tell the world

So many emotions rush to the surface
But I keep asking myself why it had to end like this
What did it have to end like this?

In your honor I will live my life to the best that I can
And in your memory I won't take this life for granted ever again

To say goodbye
To say goodbye
To say goodbye
To say goodbye...
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Screaming Into The Sky Lyrics

Kingdom Of Sorrow – Screaming Into The Sky Lyrics