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2 G's From Compton (feat. MC Ren) Lyrics

King T – 2 G's From Compton (feat. MC Ren) Lyrics

Say what
Tell me somethin
Where the gangstas at?
Where the hustlers at?

[ King T ]
Now relax your mind cause all the drinks is free
And get down with the sound of K-i-n-g
And MC Ren, I bet you're like, ""Where them niggas been?""
The backstreets of Compton checkin ends
Original residents, I'm off Caldwell and Kemp
About a hoe short from a pimp
With the gangsta walk limp
I tossed up the hat by the Raiders
Now I'm crocodile and alligator
Tryin to get my paper, man, they say King T was ( ? )
The alcoholic funk from Tha Liks, bust this
From Alondra to the top block of Central
I'm known for crackin niggas' dental
Loc, I'm like mental, my attitude starts to get mean
Now Ren's ( ? ) with the King
What we gon' sing? Some old gangsta spiritual theme
Hell naw, lyrics gotta cling

[ MC Ren ]
Niggas be lovin em Compton niggas, put the West Coast on the map
Now every bitch nigga and they mama tryin to rap
Go check the Real Nigga tree from the CPT
You got them Niggaz 4 Life and that muthafucka King T
The Villain be down with the King like Joey Simmons
Niggas in Compton'll make your ass see sparks like Robin Givens
Or you can go for a ride in a trunk
While I'm hangin with the King while he's sittin on a tow-truck
My big dick still live in khakis since day one
I got a gang of nigga shit, go and play one
My nigga still Tha Coolest, now we makin pussies hot
If you ain't from Compton, nigga gotta shake the spot
Got a big fuckin pot for me to piss in
Cause all the bomb shit a nigga make, hoes listen
Nigga, fuck shows, I don't have to be seen
You makin demos, I'ma make that cream

[ CHORUS: both ]
Watch the gangsta boogie, watch the hust
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