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What If Lyrics

King Missile – What If Lyrics

One day
What if one day
What if I said
I wish I was a tree
And then, suddenly,
I was a tree
Then could I wish myself back?
No, trees can't wish.
What if I wished I was a wishing tree,
A tree that could wish?
What if i wished I was a toilet bowl,
And then I was one, and the wind
changed and I stayed that way?
Or what if I wished I was a toilet bowl
And suddenly I was a tree!
Would I be able to say,
"Hey! I wanted to be a toilet bowl, not a tree?"
No, I wouldn't be able to say that,
Because trees can't talk
They don't have mouths.
I would have to have the foresight to say,
"I wish I was a toilet,
But if by some chance I'm turned into a tree instead,
I wish to be a tree with
a mouth that can wish to be
changed back into a human being!"
Because I'd only ever want to be a toilet or a tree for a
very brief
period of time.
I guess this is the exact reason why they always say you
should be very
careful what you wish for.
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