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Made Drill Lyrics

King Louie – Made Drill Lyrics

[Part I: Made]

[Verse 1]
Smokin dope gettin' tree high
Bitch I'm wit yeah she bi
Keep it 100 got a lot of hundreds
Need a hit I put dollars on it
More money more problems
Can't sleep I need codine
And I'm smokin like a dope fiend
Hang wit pokers they be poking
Shit is chess not checkers
Shoot a nigga in his freckles
Thowin bullets dont get tackled
MUBU gang bunch of made man
Say they out here but they stay in
No talkin' we just sprayin'
Niggas thinkin' that we playin'
'Til you catch they ass in traffic
They show 'em it ain't just rap shit
Chopper make 'em do a back flip
Give a bitch boy a face lift
They ain't hard they just play tough
Man these fuck boys made up
Drivin' fast gettin' knocked down
I feel good call me James Brown
I can die any day now

[Part II: Drill]

Pop off pop off pop off (x2)
Pop out pop off
Pop off pop off pop off (x2)

[Verse 2]
Get ya damn head knocked off
All I do is smoke hot sauce
All I do is fuck boss hoes
In that G wag' makin boss moves
Pull up ready to commit drills
Have us lookin for you like waldo
Holla at you wit the saw'd off
Then hall off
All black shit
Get whacked shit
AK rounds make you do shit
Like back flip
Split in half
Crash the whip get away
That drill shit not that other shit
This that run up on em and make him suck a clip
Time to show these niggas who they fuckin with
No love for a bitch
Just fuck and dip
Everyday I'm fly like a fuckin trip
Got so many hoes Ima fuckin pimp
On another note Ima fuckin boss
If I wanted to I can get 'em lost
If I wanted to I can get you hit
If I wanted to I could fuck yo' bitch
But all I do is smoke dope and brick
It's a fuckin' a hit
To you other niggas I'm the fuckin realist
Hang wit' millionaires and some fuckin' killers
At the same time ball like hang time
Smokin' gasoline rollin' off a bean
With yo bitch and her friend doin' awesome things
And we livin' dreams
Bitches suckin' dick to boost they self esteem
You wouldn't know about it
Just forget about it
You can run up I'll shoot you up in your head
And then I'll get up out it
They get that shit?
You say they got lean
Did you hit that shit?
Let's hope it's a hit
We ain't no vics
We be hittin licks
Run up in yo' crib if you got them bricks
Smokin' on dope sipin' Actavis
Bitches go dumb on some active shit
I be mackin on my apple shit
Bullets get let off and tackle shit
Got them snitches in that apple bitch?
To live everyday that's a risk
My niggas gangsters and gentlemen
Want a argument we gon' drill em bitch
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