[Intro: King Los]
Ayo, In this song I’m gonna reference things that happened
More than six years ago in my life
All true things from my past
That I prolly never will forget
Feelings that prolly never go away
Welcome to fear

[Verse 1: King Los]
I was taught that the loudest niggas the scaredest nigga
The jealous is weak the coward nigga is the stand nigga
This run around with this mug broke when he hardly beef
Til he gets his fuckin mug broke with his coffin leakin
Now your man doing fifty for them bricks he threw
He the quarterback then the lineback get fifty too
But you snitched and moved your way through the summer
Try and steal and play the field dodge the Ray Lewis numbers
That's the way you do your brothers
Your father wasn’t around much
He feared being a father cause his father wasn’t around plus
If I was him, my fuckin conscious would be killin’ me
Niggas love the title but fear the responsibility
Now from lack of a father figure your sister inherited not attracted the smarter nigga
Inspiral circle is known genetic quick sand
You too scared to reverse this pathetic shit man
Lifes a jungle you might as well be a lion in it
You only exist in this world your just dying in it
I'm giving you lessons until the message is clear
Now tell me you feel me like the presence of fear

[Hook: King Los]
Pour me a cup of that shit I know it can take away my fears
And my nigga said
Pass me the lighter my nigga I finna smoke away my fears
And all of my bitches say
We at the club to find love cause being alone is what we fear
That's when I said
You’ll feel alone even when you were around everybody that's there
Cause everybody got fears

[Verse 2: King Los]
What about Davon my nigga remember Davon?
Used to push the Yukon he swear he ballin’ like Akon
Known for throwing jewelry that fake on
Frontin for the bitches like he be gettin his cake on
He fuck with Mimi she fear bein with broke niggas
Despite what she hoping, broke aint worse than a broken nigga
That’s how you end up with broken hearts
This foul nature the foundation for broken starts
I know you smart enough to know he not a real King
I guess to you the live was closer than the real thing
A real Queen woud move on
But you calm cause he got Yukon’d in that Yukon
In the beginning two people frontin’ seem really sweet
They day you break up but be the first time you really meet
Now they straining your relationship it's getting stranger cause
It's two strangers in your relationship
And your patients get tarnished like your jewelry will
That's when it all goes bad just like the story will
And it surely will
But you see for yourself
Davon’s only fear was the fear of being himself
And Mimi’s fear should’ve been fear of seeing herself
With someone who couldn’t see they was in fear of being themself
I’m teaching you lessons until the message is clear
Just tell me you feel me like the presence of fear

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Fear Lyrics

King Los – Fear Lyrics