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Paid In Full Lyrics

King Combs – Paid In Full Lyrics

[Intro: Justin and King Combs]
Yo, Yo, Yo
Chris waddup?
Shit you know me, chillin', mackin', just took shawty to go shoppin' And all lat and all lat
Word, word, I feel you man
But you know its go time now man
(Uh huh)
Lotta niggas wanna see what we Gon' do
You know we got some big shoes to fill and all lat
You know we gotta keep the torch lit
Yeah man, you already know we got that
You know, CYN the Family, SNL the Family, Bad Boy the movement, Its nothin' else to it
And you know they can't even picture us, winnin' for another 20 years
But thats what we gon do, but enough of this talkin' shit man
(Uh huh)
Let these niggas hear what you gotta say man
(Yeah thats what i'm talkin' bout)
Talk that Bad Boy shit, talk that fly shit man!

[Verse 1: King Combs}
It must be the money and the jewels I got
To make these honeys wanna lose they top
I just cruise in drops and run around in expensive cars
Uncle Phil how I switch the broads, now check this
I be in Caribbean with my honeys, snow bunnies
Rico, young nigga with old money
And when i'm in the B.I., I stay fly
In the back of the V.I., with chicks that stay high
And I can't lie my niggas is multi, billionaire status, Sammy Sosa
When i'm out West I cop the low-ride
Now all the honeys wanna gimme chocha, Bad Boys don't die
We live forever, live for chedda', I hang with playas and vendettas
You can't play me I got a mil in the duffle bag
Just incase I see somethin' thats pricey
No drug money here, all about a dolla
But we both chase cash feel like Tony Montana
You like how I look, flyest nigga on the planet
Got niggas shook when I hop out the Phantom
We the goodfellas ain't no stoppin' this
I told ya'll you'll see, like the LOX and BIG
Gold links stay heavy like my pockets is
Yo Trey, tell em what the topic is

[Verse 2: Trey Livin]
Every since a nigga started bubblin', honeys been
Tryna get inside my Armani swims
Gold cuban links and Versace lens
You can tell its presidential by the car we in
For the record, they playin' checkers, we in the '84 Gucci green bottom gold Giuseppes
Pourin' out bottles from the Ace of Spade collection
Never did stress em, I dead em
Check it
First million imma get, imma split, between all my niggas
We all gettin' rich, shawty checkin' me, especially
Cus I be where the chedda' be, sippin' Hennessy, fuck the enemies
Ya crew foldin', while mines reloadin', just few chosin' in my clique
Bumpin' our shit when we pull up on the scene
Big baggy jeans full of green

[Verse 3: Shaq]
(Yo, Yo)
We still screamin' fuck every nigga that flipped on us
Bigger estates, stretched limos, and fresh garments
Fuck shit up , peel off, we do it often
Shit change, Shaq came, its all extortion
I be overseas in Belize, with a couple honeys that you probably only seen on the screen
At the Mondrian, cocktails in the ambiance
Two bad broads from Milan what you find me on
All we do is switch flows, sell out shows, leaving Guro, countin' Euros
Make classics drop hits, i'm Albert Pujols
Bringin' life back to game, yeah, you know

[Verse 4: K.Wales]
I'm puffin' backwoods, in the back of the bach, yeah i'm straight relaxin'
Slidin' on the dolo, might be with a movie actress
My life is classic, somebody might need to film it
Hold on bruh, I think i'm overdosin' off the realness
K Corleone, and me and my brothers, the GoodFellas
Slide through the block, if its hot, the hood tell us
Drive in convertible drops for good weather
Honestly, i'm honestly killin' niggas for pure pleasure, yeah
I been in my zone all summer
Focused on winters, man ain't been home all summer
Imma stone cold nigga, don't get Stone Cold Stunner'd
Real life killer, on the road, road runnin', yeah
Young Devante from Jodeci, women notice me
I look at these niggas and see they not as cold as me
Boy you better check ya vibe when you approachin' me
I run the game, and none these niggas even close to me

[Verse 5: Kai Ca$h]
Its like i'm flippin' bricks once I speak
My cellphone ring, different bitch every week
The spotlight gleam every place that we be
Can't drive, tell me who got the keys to my Jeep?
And who count the cream like the team that be steppin' in?
When it come to Benjamins, niggas never hesitant
Dead presidents compliment my safe, so when its cold out I switch my states
Old hoes, just to chase, we leave em for no reason
I'm off that
Waves sit under the ball caps
It was set in stone since the LOX had jerseys and ball bats
And Puff rocked Lazarus links, before minks
Did you ever think that we would touch the spot we reached?
Ride topless Jeeps, with topless freaks, they on us
Coulda been hustlin' on all corners
Now the corner office for discussions, referring to abundance
With multiple in line, see my flow is so divine
Caesar's Palace, loungin' in black
Bumpin' tracks unreleased to the streets, with my chick in linen
But she thinks that i'm creepin' with different women
Simply sinnin', in cities, the shit only God knows
Wonderin' where the time goes
When the number dial, its a check, or you gon hear the dial-tone
One comma, then like nine O's
Tell my O.G.'s to relax, let a young nigga shine
Gold watch on this young nigga time
Cashmare thoughts on a young nigga mind, world is mine
Til' the death, let a young nigga rise

[Verse 6: Niko Brim]
I'm thinking of a master plan
And no snow bunny
Two days, four show road money
The top off pink polo money
Graduation vs Curtis drop shit and we gon' curb yo money
These dudes is dummies
And I've been itchin' I need a hit
Hustle like its the first
Spittin' like I was sick
Heart like I was Lauryn but ego tells me I'm Mitch
The mix, a graveyard shift rapper to make a ditch
On any nigga thats jumpin' sides
I see y'all ride pogo
Thats a no go
Niggas is loco
Throw five break the dutch in the Volvo
And drive by slow mo'
And water only thing in my Solo
I be on go
I see how they caught in the celebration
Time is of the essence
Yall procrastinatin'
And I ain't bring you up
Seems to me like you hatin'
The sound vacant penthouse view of Sanaa Lathan (ugh)
Or something like it, i'm clever
She more like a queen yall use a womb like a sweater
Calm and collect ain't no pressure baby
And life's a short film ain't no extra baby
Protective vest secure the investment baby
A man down? Boy you must be crazy
Spitting new game and y'all can't play me
Pen cocked go bang off safety
In case a sucker nigga try to play me
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