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Eyez On C Lyrics

King Combs – Eyez On C Lyrics

CYN, SNL, Classy individuals
Keep my paper coming in in residuals
Put myself on the map with my niggas too
Tryna count a hundred milli in my living room
June long straight to Milan
Teflon nigga you can’t harm
Drop bombs something like Vietnam
Shorty hair blowin' cause the coupe top gone
So you niggas wanna test be in the 'jects
Couldn’t catch me in the East or the West
Waves spinning get a vest, then get a check
Couple hittas in your home if you sendin’ threats
Have ’em coming at your crewneck, you don’t wanna do that
Like you playing Russian Roulette, don’t make me prove that
Bentley seats color blonde, but my chick brunette
Like a panoramic view when I pull the roof back
Uh, shoot for the stars from the top of the key
Drop this, I’m getting hot in the streets
And never dwell on cash
I spend it fast make it light in a week
Always busy shit, I grind in my sleep
Take notes, see I really be, out in Italy
Runways me and (?) type differently
Waves flow like a river b, ice slippery
On the cam see it vividly, through the imagery
Who you kiddin’ black kings is a minion, they see me more
Rap niggas all frost, come on, see before
Since I dropped some up they say we need more
You askin’ shall we see more
Soon comin’ nigga like I’m job hunting how I'm running in buildings
Promoting everything ’til I run a pavilion
Aim for God body, never civilian
You niggas blend in like a bunch of chameleons
Never block my digits, white face Rolex
No toc or ticking, been plugged in, no outlet tell 'em
Be cautious near me, might shock a nigga
Yeah you know the name, got the fame and the chain
Bad Boy nigga ain't a damn thing change
C3 he be runnin the game and that's a fact
So change your name to Saran cuz this a wrap
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