(King Arut)
(Ha) this My Mix... My Gangsta Mix
I'm Not Sayin This To Shake You Up
I'm Just Sayin This To Wake You Up
It's All Good When We Makin Love
(Ha ha) I'm da real Gangsta Dat You
Love Cuz You Acting Scared what's Up
Somebody Messin You Tell
Me and I will fuck em Up
(Hmm) Let Me Catch My Breath
I'm Done lemme pass it ova
But remember you are always mine...

(Chris Brown)
Haha What's Up Ladies
How Ya'll Doin'
Yea I Know What Ya'll Need
All Of Ya'll
And That's Ya'll Gangsta Boo Right
Come On
Yea... Yea
Oh No No

It Was 6 O'clock On The Dot
That's When I Seen This Cutie
She Was Chillin' At The Spot
She Was Wit Her Girls
I Was Wit My Boys
All Of A Sudden
I Asked Her To Come Over And Say
"wot Up Ma
How'd You Like To Get To Know Me?
I'm Not Shy
I'll Do Anything For You And
I'm That Guy
Say I Pick You Up At Eight
I Promise I Won't Be Late

Shorty Wanna Rider (Gangsta Mix)
I Told Her That I'd Call Her (It's True)
I'm Not Looking For The Love But
I Think That You're The One
So Come On Come On
Shorty Want A Baller (Gangsta Mix)
Someone Who Can Spoil Her (It's True)
I'm Not Looking For The Love But
I Think That You're The One
So Come On, Come On

(King Arut)
I tell em' da bitch ride da dick like a new Honda
Wit da cops behind her I'm kinda
Sorta watcha calla'
Superstar now some on tryin fuck some superstars mouth
Straight up and the guns come wit the money
And the work come with the luggage
Fuck it
These niggaz talking big wit a rapper budget
I get paid off rappers buddy
And I aint fuckin wit da rat pack
I pull up as any day wit some tap tap
And that's that
I'm the wildest from the the wolfpack
Back back
You aint notin but a snack pack
And when you runnin don't look back
Cuz I'm be coming out dat back pack
Clap clap
And rat rat
Yaa young king money over bitches
Reporting to you motherfuckers live from da kitchen
Gangsta Mix...
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Gangsta Mix Lyrics

King Arut – Gangsta Mix Lyrics