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Libertine Lyrics

KING 810 – Libertine Lyrics

On your knees
Until they bleed
Until your mind is full of regret, and your throats full of seeds
Until you breathe disease
And you sicken everyone in the room at the scent of your sneeze
Oh please
Please ease
My desire to watch you swing on Judas' swing

When I was twelve years old
The only thing I didn't know was some girls like it slow, some in every hole
Some were comfortable in not letting you know they were uncomfortable
Some did it for show it's to those I owe an asphyxiating Garrot's choke

I owe the rest to her flawless folds of flesh
My skin the poor condition it's kept
From lack of rest
Tending to her vast requests
I can't neglect, pounding her into a mess

The priceless organ cased inside my chest
Skips not a beat at the practice of my wire brush caress

She leaked gag inducing fluids from her sink
Tasted of poison but still I'd drink
The strap I'd swing as if I intended on breaking through her being
Her skin was broken and battered to mark where I've been
I'd grin...
She'd just bite holes in her lip and scream "never again"

I've been itching like a fiend for a fix
One time I swear it through
Her mouth is like the backseat of a Buick
Just let me come inside of you

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