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Red, White, And Blue Dream Lyrics

Kimya Dawson – Red, White, And Blue Dream Lyrics

Jimmy would always look out
At all the motorcycles
As they passed him by
In his mama's car
They was going somewhere
Not very far

But jimmy just sat in the backseat thinking
One day I'm gonna fly away
Fly, fly, fly
Red, white, and blue dreams
Oh yeah the american dream
On the road

Little bobby-ray he saw the way
When his mother tried
To talk to his father
His father turned away

Then he'd look out
And he'd see those folks
Riding on their bikes
And he saw the love between them
And he knew

Jimmy stayed up late at night
Thinking about the boys
Who tried to start a fight
Out on the corner with
Their greased back hair

Jimmy knew that wasn't the way
Gotta help all your brothers and sisters today
Get on a motorcycle and fly away
Fly, fly, fly away
The american dream

And when he saw hulk hogan on T. V.
He said that big blond man is kinda like me
The american dream
Bobby-ray he swore that day
He would never treat a lady
The way his father did

Then he started growing out his hair
And he would draw tattoos on his arms
With a ball point pen

'cause he was living the american dream

Jimmy made a raft one time
Put in on the river down behind his house
He even put handlebars on it
He pretended he was riding down the river
Just like his uncle ray

Well he made it bout 3 miles down
He heard the sound of his mom's voice sayin
Jimmy jimmy suppertime
You gotta grow strong be just like hulk hogan
Hulk hogan the american dream machine
Red, white, and blue
Hulk hogan- american-
Real american
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