There was something about you that scared me
Could be a snake in your eyes.
But you swore to my heart that you loved me
And you'd never tell me lies.
So I taught my ears not to listen
And I guess that was my mistake
But did you ever promise forever?
I never heard you say.
Your love was like a diamond
Oh how it sparkled and shined.
I looked from every angle
But I never could see inside.
So I learned not to question your brilliance,
Though it faded a little each day.
What was your reason for fading?
I never heard you say.
One morning as I lay sleeping
I dreamed of a morning so cold
I felt a wind blow through me
That chilled me to my soul.
I never heard what you were saying
But I felt your kiss on my face.
Someday, will you be returning?
I never heard you say.
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I Never Heard You Say Lyrics

Kimmie Rhodes – I Never Heard You Say Lyrics

Songwriters: KIMMIE RHODES
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