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Supernatural Lyrics

Kimbell & Reynolds – Supernatural Lyrics

The feelings supernatural, as she walks, into the room,
The air's intoxicating, but it's not from her perfume
There's something transcendental, in the way she makes me feel,
I'm spell-bound by her mystery, though I know that she is real

Supernatural, is the way, she makes me feel
Supernatural, exposing feelings I conceal,
She has a power over me, beyond all space and time
Supernatural, out-of-body, out-of-mind

Her moves are undulating, like the waves upon the sea
She's rockin' my foundation, with her arms embracing me,
Kisses like burning embers, igniting flames of ecstasy
As we find our way to paradise...she's the one
That sets me free


The beauty of a rainbow -
I see it in her eyes,
A kind and gentle spirit
With a smile to light the sky,
I want to share forever with
This angel I can see,
This supernatural love affair
Will last eternally

Supernatural, is the way she makes me feel
Supernatural, when you know that it is "real"
Was it fate, we fell in love, was it written in-the-stars?
Two souls brought together
Now the ours
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