I can't believe it
My love

You cruelly pretend not to see me and turn away
Admist the blowing hair, my eyes shake in despair
I try to hide it but it brightly shows like a lie

I am like this because of you
Every day is like hell- day by day
I miss you, I miss you so much
No matter how much I say I don't
It's not working

(I can't stand it anymore)
Even if my life is ruined

* Today, which is sadder than yesterday,
Inside of me, your place is empty
Tears blankly fall even though I desperately call you
I can't see you- I don't want to turn away forever

Yesterday- nanananana
Yesterday- nanananana

** Please come back
But in the end, you don't come back
Our love is only until yesterday
I don't want to turn away forever
Yesterday (life is go on)

I miss you, I miss you so much
Even though I try to be strong

* Repeat

Yesterday- nanananana
Yesterday- nanananana

** Repeat

* Repeat

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Yesterday Lyrics

Kim Kyu Jong – Yesterday Lyrics

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