Here I am miles away I can't even see your face.
Here I am but what are you when you look at me?
As I am standing at the bottom of this mountain that
You're standing on top of.
Here I am I'm trying to step before I fall again but I'm
Not giving up.
Here I am, I'm crawling through the dark trying to find
My way out.
Can you see me bleeding? Can you see me screaming? Can
You see me crying?
Can you see me trying to make it up to you?
I'll make it up to you.
Just take a breath you say and let me tell you that you
Don't stand a chance.
Break and fall and give it up and say that you're not
Enough and that you belong in hell.
And open your eyes and realize that nothing that you ever
Did could be an exchange for what you had that it was for
When are you going to see that you're not enough and
You'll never be?
Because I can see you bleeding, I can see you screaming I
Can see you crying, I can see you trying but just give
Yourself away to me.
Here I am I found my place again I'm on my knees again.
Here I am my face in the sand and I'm sorry I'm sorry.
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Sorry Lyrics

Kim Janssen – Sorry Lyrics

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