Girls used to like me and I used to be handsome
Then I got lazy, my papa thinks I'm crazy
And now those days are gone
Yesterday I got drunk on Jack
Lost my wallet and my back-pack
Woke up at my ex-girl's flat
And almost got a heart-attack

Bye, bye, suit and a tie
I am a social butterfly
Chit-chat, I love talking back
Woke up with my best friend's hat
Eh, oh, I'm a social butterfly (2x)

Last night, I met a pretty girl
Singing in the bar
I tried to kiss her, stumbled and missed her

And she left in an autobus car
Woke up at the bus stop
With coffee on my tank top
Gotta get dressed up, I am so messed up
I don't wanna lose my job, yeah


Now I'm a heart director, a karma attractor
A guy who likes to smile at the sky
Sometimes I'm crazy
The way that likes to wear the hair straight and fly on
A social-economic, a common melancholic
Girls must get to cry
A super-sonic symbolic social alcoholic
Just a happy butterfly

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Social Butterfly Lyrics

Kim Herold – Social Butterfly Lyrics

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