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Dust Lyrics

Killstation – Dust Lyrics

[Verse 1: Killstation]
The fluoride in my toothpaste been keeping me from thinking straight
I stay inside and hide my face, CCTV investigates
The FDA can't regulate, still they don't know what's on the plate
Bitch, I know it's poison laced, with chemicals to mask the taste
Cigarettes and bleach lead to disease, that's closer than you think
Unpronounceable words in the ingredients on every drink
Sewage water out the sink, Coca Cola stained my teeth
Careful what the fuck you eat or you'll probably end up just like me

[Verse 2: Davideo]
You don't wanna be like me, middle finger to the government
Fuck Roosevelt, fuck Chris Columbus
Me and all my brothers been creating a covenant
Boycott Mickey D's, please, I'm loving it
Diagnosed our generation with ADD, got us all addicted to amphetamines
Put us in decades of debt to the feds, or locked us up in penitentiaries
Turn a college degree to confetti, I'm Kevin from Ed, Edd, and Eddy
December (?) the reason my breathing is heavy
It's me and my bitch smoking weed in a Chevy
Sick of the beef and my girl telling me to go vegan consider that life whatchu bleeding
The skeletons show and Americas eating, dark as the tar in the air that were breathing
Fuck Sea World, fuck Cost-Co
Fuck every American talk show
Fuck factory farming, fuck wall street
And fuck all of y'all, 'cause you're all sheep

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