Atheist intelligence is the gravest and most fatal intuition,
I speak premonitions, I've already seen your clinical condition,
I'm translating death, giving you clues, and here's the bad news,
Planned your faith? No you're a cast member of Final Destination 2,
I'm rationally irrational, facing reality through the most surreal vision,
I stare with precision, givin the power and your faith is his decision,
I'm only delivering, I'm speaking the same shit just a new toilet,
Your seeking the truth? Ignore, if you wish to avoid us and "this",
It's practical, something easy to understand, our actions relax a man,
In fact permanently detach a man, just bring some gas for the corona van,
We tend to haters, You don't know? We temp niggas to hate us,
We change niggas to organ donors and National niggas on a Respirator
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Your Faith In My Hands Lyrics

Killer – Your Faith In My Hands Lyrics