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Gangsta Lyrics

Killer Mike – Gangsta Lyrics

All points in the region related gangsterish
Serving dark dishes of true pimp horror
Warriors stormy nights on leathery wings
S*** sirens in dreams of king Stephen killer mike
Mad stalking midnight

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
Westside riders keep it (gangsta)
Southside hustlers keep it (gangsta)
Eastside killers keep it (gangsta)
Northside monsters keep it (gangsta)

[Killer Mike]
See I in the V. I. Staggerin and weed eyed
Stumbling and laughin rollin in with 'kast 'nem
Cold weather bubble goose 4-5er mashin
From G. A. To L. A. Force 1's be my fashion
Disrespect my space I'll push yo fuckin back in
Spit in your face and hand your faggot ass a napkin
Everything you did mu'fucka we done done done
Ran streets took over traps carry gun gun
I'm from a hood full of junkies and pastor sons
We don't give a fuck how hard you come we don't run
Our moms ain't raise no faggot ain't nothing queer nigga
We don't give a fuck blood'll smear right here nigga


[Killer Mike]
Them killers in the cut they conspiring they conniving
Aint no fifth for them niggaz them niggaz shit we ride with
Them fur coat and champagne suckers better hide when
They peep a team of gully motherfuckers bout to slide in
These bullets leave you shakin like that dance from N. Y. And
I put that on my children and my young nephew Ty and
And my nigga Kimjohn years away from frying
He send me letters telling me how grown men be crying
When they surrounded by rapists with lustful eyes in
The belly of the beast where they don't let no light in
Red velvet robbin crews totin lead pipes in
To your suburban home throwin on kids and wife and
You go spaghetti when these killers strike like lightning
Niggaz go spaghetti when these killers strike like lightning


[Killer Mike]
We don't give a fuck bout who your homeboy friends is
We don't give a fuck bout what series your benz is
All we gives a shit about is up all night trappin white
Cop that yay weigh it right till lay lay equals glass pipe
My side of town don't act right
Every damn day is fight night
These motherfuckers don't act ok
These motherfuckers just spray they k
Down the block over rocks hot 4-5's be coughin
Mothers who couldn't afford shoes and socks
They purchase coffins

You scared motherfucker you scared (rich nigga)
You scared motherfucker you scared (bitch nigga)
You scared motherfucker you scared (snitch nigga)
You scared motherfucker you scared (trick nigga)

[Chorus:] - 2X

All those who oppose higher glory beware
For candelit crypt comes open and monsters see
Two big rested vamps doin the snake-dog dance
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