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Cain & Abel Lyrics

Killer Mike – Cain & Abel Lyrics

Yaknow, I grew up with five sisters and no brothers
I be in Sunday school, they tell us stories about Cain and Abel
You know, the first murder was committed by one brother to another brother
I looked around my neighborhood as a child and I saw the crime and violence
And I said wow, how could two people that love each other bring this into the world
God bless em!

Two brothers, a single mother, a father that loved em
But not enough to leave the streets and make their momma a husband
The only males in their life was a couple of cousins
That their momma had babies cuz she was strugglin'
But typical ghetto shit, the cousins was hustlin'
But should I say halfway, cuz they got high like they're customers
The oldest boy was Cain and the youngest was Abel
Abel distracted thugs, came to Cain off the table
They decided to? Team and serve the fiends
Like pushed it to the malice, they be up to the green
Furnished their apartment like a palace, made their momma a queen
Abel was only 12, Cain barely 13
No idea of the evil that the streets would bring
Infatuated by images on the big screen
Like Nas and it was written in hash filled dream
By 17 they was on they grind
They were listening to old-school rap from momma's time
Bought myself an Uzzi and my brother A. 9
Bought myself an Uzzi and my brother A. 9
It's what Cain said as Abel walked by his side
Into Canonroll's pawnshop
Cain bought himself an ar15 and his brother a Glock
Through the years they would spray it, they kept pain on the block
Till every square foot? Was locked
More money, more murder, more mobs raised to the top
But like the Chambers brothers, like the Flinnery boys
When you're cut from the same cloth, made from the same stock
Sometimes you can't share the same space at the top
These young brothers retired their young mother
Abel opened businesses in the name of his mother
Cain dropped the big moneybags to his mother
And once a week they sat down for Sunday supper
She told em one Sunday how she loved em and she hugged em
Sensing something's wrong, they asked her what's her trouble
She answer 'child give me rings, riches and way more'
'But there's one thing that my heart truly prays for'
Cain said momma, don't say, stop
Gave her 100 k cash, told her, lady go shop
Abel looked at his mother and the water in her eyes
'That's nothin', baby, I'm done flippin' the pies'
Cain looked at his brother with fury up in his eyes
Locked him and he socked him in his left and right eye
And he hit him and he bit him and he split him in two
All he said while he beat him was 'why she love you? '
The more momma yell stop, the more hate he would take in
Abel was Remello, and Cain was Wayne Nacen
The love's gon' get you, so it's back to the Glock
In the middle of the struggle, all we heard was pop

Unlike Remello, Abel was not able to survive that shot
Unlike Remello, Abel was not able to survive that shot
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